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What is Notarisation?
Many official bureaus ask for notarization of your translations. In that case, the documents that have been translated by our translators having notary certification in the relevant notary are sent to the notary office for notarization after the translation.

What is Apostille?
This level of certification is required for documents which are to be used overseas with countries working in compliance with the Hague Convention. Some of the documents coming from abroad or that shall be used abroad should pass Apostille Certification. Examples of documents falling into this category include marriage certificate, power of attorney, birth certificate and so on.

How to get Apostille?
The process essentially involves the same steps as those for notarisation other than the original document would be needed. The documents resulting from this process are then sent to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The official acting on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office completes a final document which confirms that the Notary signing the notarisation had the authority in which to do so. This final document acts as proof that all legal avenues have been completed and that the authenticity of the document should not be contested.

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